Welcome to the AME System Control Interface. This interface has been especially created to provide AME clients with the tools necessary to obtain the most from the AME-2020 system and our comprehensive music service. Of primary importance is the ability to completely control and program your AME-2020 system right here! Simply sign on, make the desired changes and your AME-2020 Receiver will automatically synchronize with your programming changes when it next communicates.
Not a Client? Take a Test Drive!
If you’re not yet an AME client then you are missing out on the most powerful business audio delivery platform available. To see just how powerful and flexible the AME-2020 system is, take a Test Drive of the System Control Interface.

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Before you can access your audio profile(s) you must sign on using the user id and password that have been assigned to you by AME. If you don't have a user id and password or you've forgotten them, please call us at (888) AME-5005.
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